Current Fundraisers

For those who didn't attend the Home and School Virtual Meeting this evening we discussed our very first fundraiser of the year, which is THE COUPON BOOK!! Yes, it's back by popular demand. Follow the link below, share with family and friends, and enjoy the savings. All coupon books will be mailed directly to you and there will be no extra fee for the shipping.

Coupon Book Directly Link

Jaguar Cash Direct


Check out some easy ways to support Knapp Elementary's Home and School Association!


Below are YEAR ROUND fundraisers that we have set up to make it more convenient for families to help earn money for Knapp Elementary Home and School.

New This Year!  ShopWithScrip

What is ShopWithScrip you ask?  Well, it's a new kind of fundraiser where you can purchase Gift Cards or 'Scrips' to earn rebates for Knapp.  Each gift card has offers a rebate between 2% and 16%.  750 brands participate in this program. 

1.  Join the program by creating an account at or 

2.  Enter Knapp's enrollment code: 23C12E2L64741

3.  Link your bank account to enroll in online payments and place your first order.


Box Tops for Education

New! Simple! Easy!  Download the Box Top App, scan your receipts into the app and earn money for Knapp. We are still collecting the Box Top Coupons so please send those in until they are fully phased out   Last year, we earned over $1400.


Redner's 1% Save-A-Tape Program

Redner's will donate 1% of your grocery bill to Knapp if you donate your Redner's receipt to us.  To participate, use your Redner's Card.  There are no forms to fill out.  Each time you shop, present your card, and then send in the entire receipt to school.  A collection bin is available in the main entrance vestibule.  Last year we earned over $200!


Giant A+ Rewards

Knapp earns 1 point for every dollar you spend at Giant using your BONUSCARD.  Points can be used to purchase field trips, equipment, and other necessary items.  To participate, simply register your BONUSCARD each year at  You don't have to submit receipts....just shop.  Last year, we earned over $850.


Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Knapp with every purchase.  Visit and select Knapp Elementary. will donate .5% of your purchase to Knapp Home and School Association.  Last year, we earned over $150.


Turnkey Enterprise

Turnkey is a for profit organization that supplies non profit organizations with a shed for donation drop off.  Simply place your donated items in the shed and we will receive an 8 cent per pound donation.  Last year, we earned over $1900.



Shutterfly will donate 13% of every sale on orders through Knapp's storefront.  Visit and make gifts to cherish photos of your family.